Personal Coaching

As a personal coach I work one on one with people to help them overcome challenges in their personal and professional life.

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Executive Coaching

Executive coaching helps individuals achieve their potential by identifying strategies to enhance their performance and satisfaction.

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Workshops are focused on providing individuals a chance to gain insights and identify actions in a group setting.

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Hi, I’m Jodi.

I’m a personal coach, facilitator, writer… and I help people to realise their potential and become the best version of themselves.

I truly believe that we all have the capacity to thrive. Sure, life can throw us a few curveballs and sometimes we find ourselves way off track, but I know with absolute certainty that we have the capability to overcome these challenges and achieve greater heights.

How do I know this…? Because I’ve been there.

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“I feel a million dollars after seeing you. Thanks Jodi”.

Sara S

"The workshops gave me an opportunity to find myself again in the life that I now realise is exactly as I wanted. Before the workshops I felt like impossible daunting and drastic changes were required to reach a better quality of life, I now realise just needs small tweaks to allow more time for myself. Thank you!!"

Tania R

"Opportunities for genuine self-reflection and greater personal understanding. Activities were set up in such a way that you got a chance to meet some great people. Guided through the journey by Jodi who is warm, funny and engaging. Highly recommended".

Sharon M

"Jodi is a genuinely caring, generous, knowledgeable and well organised presenter".

Susanne O

"Loved it! This was exactly what I needed right now".

Tania M

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