Hi, I’m Jodi

I’m a personal coach, facilitator, writer… and I believe life should be awesome, surprising, fun and rewarding.

Sure, it can throw us a few curveballs (some of which may seem insurmountable) but I know we have the capability of not just overcoming them but achieving even greater heights.

How do I know this…?

Because I’ve been there. I have worked the passionless corporate job while juggling the demands of family, marriage, house and finances. I have also dealt with the tragedy of losing my 33-year-old husband to suicide and finding myself a widow, single mum and full-time professional overnight (literally).

I get it – life can be rough. But as I write this I am happier and stronger that I have ever been, and I owe this in large part to the insights of positive psychology, coaching and a large dose of willpower! 

When my husband died my life was turned upside down, but I quickly decided that I didn't want to just survive I wanted to be happy again. I actively worked to rebuild my life, to forge a vision for my future and to live in line with my strengths and values. Along the way I learned to deal with unhealthy thoughts, anxiety and depression, and eventually left a job that made me unhappy and pursued my ideal career. Today I am exactly where I want to be. 

Is this something you want too?

Having someone to provide you with personalised advice and support can literally turn your life around. As your coach I will help you identify what areas you want to focus on, teach you powerful techniques, show you how to overcome challenges, and enable you to take the action you need to achieve your goals. 

So, if you feel anxious or dissatisfied, if you lack a clear and positive vision for your future, if you feel directionless or disempowered I can help you get back your mojo and create the life you desire.

Book a completely free discovery session right now and find out for yourself. Simply call me on 0429780727 or email jodi@flourishpersonalcoaching.com

I am really excited and honoured that you have taken the time to learn a little more about me and what I do, and I hope that I can help you achieve great things in your life!