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To find out when coaching would benefit you answer the following questions

Do I have a clear vision for my life?


Do I feel optimistic about my future?


Am positive about what I’m doing now?


Am I inspired by my goals?


Do I understand and leverage my personal strengths?


Am I living in line with my core values?


Do I bounce back quickly from challenges and setbacks?


If you answered no to any of these questions, then you are facing the same challenge as most of my clients. Fill in the rest of the form and we can have a talk.

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If you are interested in coaching but have some questions, or would simply like to talk to me beforehand, I invite you to book in for a free initial session.

This is a chance to discuss what you’re hoping to achieve, and to confirm whether coaching is the right option for you. Sessions last around 20 minutes and can be in person or over the phone


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