Become the CEO of your life

I want you to imagine you are the CEO of a company. As Chief Executive you sit at the helm of the business deciding where resources are best invested, overseeing changes, crafting a vision for the future and looking after your people.

In your role you are responsible for everything that happens in your company. The culture, the clients, the products, investments and performance of its people. If the company hits challenges it is up to you to provide leadership and direction; it is your responsibility to decide the best course of action.

As CEO you know that if you bury your head and give up on your company it will fail fast. So you muster all the resources at your disposal and face the pitfalls, failures and losses head on. You stick to your vision, you push back on challenges and you use all the resources at your disposal to steer the company back on track. 

Now imagine that the company you are CEO of is actually your life. 

We instinctively know that if we leave the running of a business to chance it will fail. If we don't actively nurture and invest in it, if we don't have a vision, then it will come crashing down. Yet when people come to taking charge of their own life they appear to forget that the same logic applies.

If you leave your life to chance, if you don't invest in yourself and your vision you will go nowhere. 

At a very basic level the only person who has 100% authority over your life is you. While we may have people who love and care for us, no-one else is in the position to craft a vision for your success, no-one else can invest the same level of energy in your goals,  no-one else is able to control how you look after yourself. And if you don't face challenges face on, no-one else can take over the fight for you.

You are the CEO and it is your company to manage. 

If you want to succeed in your life then assuming complete accountability for it is absolutely essential. While you may not be able to control all the forces that act upon you, you do have the ability to decide how you are going to respond. If the result of loss, failure, setback, trauma and change was predetermined then everyone would have the same outcome. But they don't. We can all look around and see those people who have triumphed against the odds, who have failed miserably and fought their way back up, who have experienced trauma and turned it into success. 

The point is if you don't take 100% responsibility for your life no-one else will. If you don't get back up after you fall, you will stay lying down. So if you are stuck, disappointed or bored with your life stop being an employee and become the CEO.