What is personal coaching? 

As a personal coach I am dedicated to helping people feel empowered, optimistic, successful and inspired by their lives.

Too many people I see are stuck in an endless cycle of busyness, anxiety, exhaustion and dissatisfaction. It has become the norm to feel directionless and unhappy that they don't even stop to challenge the feeling any more. 

But I’m telling you it doesn’t need to be like that! In fact, it shouldn’t be like that!

I can help you gain a sense of purpose, to leverage your strengths, manage your anxiety, align to your values and achieve your goals. It is not an overnight exercise but it will be 100% worth it.

When you work with me I encourage you to take ownership for your life. Personal growth requires motivation, insight, investment and desire. You need to get outside your comfort zone, commit to actions and let go of limiting behaviours and beliefs. I can help you do that, but in the end you’re the one who needs to make the change.

Ask yourself these questions:

-       What is my vision for the rest of my life and how am I making that a reality?

-       How often am I plagued by negative thoughts, anxiety and stress?

-       On a scale of 1-10 how inspired am I by my goals?

-       What are my personal strengths and how am I leveraging them?

-       Am I living in line with my core values?

-       Am I optimistic about the future?

-       Do I bounce back quickly from challenges and setbacks?

What should I expect from my coaching session?

I always encourage my clients to begin with a free discovery session to discuss why you're interested in coaching, what you would like to get out of it and for me to answer any initial questions you might have. If you think it's the right fit for you (coaching relies on us having a good relationship) I'll then book you in for a 1.5 hours upfront session. The first session is always a bit longer so that I have time to get further background and we can start to do some work together. I will generally give you things to work on at home in between sessions - none of which is mandatory but will make the process more effective. The following sessions will depend on what you want to achieve, how often you would like to meet and for how long. There is not a strict timeline or approach; it is completely tailored to your needs. 

How is coaching different from seeing a psychologist? 

People typically see a psychologist to address ongoing mental health concerns, often the result of past experiences. The focus of psychology sessions tends to be retrospective, seeking to identify and treat the causes of mental illnesses. Coaches on the other hand, work with individuals who are generally well and healthy to achieve specific goals, improve their wellbeing and attain greater life satisfaction. 

Book a session

If this sounds interesting to you, you want to have a chat or are ready to schedule a free discovery give me a call on 0429 780 727 or email me at jodi@flourishpersonalcoaching.com.