Executive Coaching

I’ll help you enhance your career

Achieve your potential

As an executive coach I will work one on one with you to boost your performance, mindset and wellbeing.

My role is to not only help you overcome immediate challenges, but to find clarity and purpose. Together we will identify the beliefs and behaviours that are holding you back, and hone in on the strengths that will propel you forward. I will urge you to move outside your comfort zone so that you can achieve your potential.

Programs are bespoke to the individual, and take into account the outcomes that you are seeking to achieve as well as any other commitments.

How can I help you achieve more?

Understanding strengths and values

Enhancing productivity

Boosting resilience

Coping with negative thoughts

Reducing anxiety

Relationship building

Setting clear vision and strategy

I spent seventeen years working with multi-national companies across the U.K., Europe, America and Australia managing transformation and change programmes within their business.

I am very familiar with demands of high pressure work environments, and also with the ongoing requirements around professional development, career growth and balancing personal needs.

When providing executive coaching I combine my experience with insights gained from positive psychology and results based coaching, providing my clients with a nuanced and informed perspective that allows them to find their focus and unlock their potential.

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If you are looking to enhance your performance at work, or want to achieve more balance in your personal and professional life get in touch.

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“I feel a million dollars after seeing you. Thanks Jodi”.

Sara S

"The workshops gave me an opportunity to find myself again in the life that I now realise is exactly as I wanted. Before the workshops I felt like impossible daunting and drastic changes were required to reach a better quality of life, I now realise just needs small tweaks to allow more time for myself. Thank you!!"

Tania R

"Opportunities for genuine self-reflection and greater personal understanding. Activities were set up in such a way that you got a chance to meet some great people. Guided through the journey by Jodi who is warm, funny and engaging. Highly recommended".

Sharon M

"Jodi is a genuinely caring, generous, knowledgeable and well organised presenter".

Susanne O

"Loved it! This was exactly what I needed right now".

Tania M

"Genuinely appreciated the workshop. Activities and concepts are assets to daily life".

Sue B

"Loved Jodi. Easy to understand, engaged and caring".

Lisa T

"I’ve done a couple of courses with Flourish and can’t wait for the next one! Love the practical approach and being able to action things in my everyday life immediately.  Jodi’s courses have had a lasting positive impact on my quality of life and I would warmly recommend her courses to anyone hoping to improve their wellbeing".

Tanja P

"I can't recommend Jodi enough, her approach to coaching is unique and inspires you to move forward in a positive way, whether it's in your personal life or business. If your looking for positive inspiration, book a consultation or attend a workshop, you'll get so much benefit".

Melissa C

"I’ve had coaching sessions with Jodi since August last year and the benefits, without doubt, are more than I ever expected or hoped for! A sense of calm, happiness, direction and self awareness in all aspects of my life have been the resuIts to date. I am more than happy, to say the least. Thankyou Jodi".

Briony W

"I did the 5 week positive goal setting workshop which changed my life! I'm an entirely new person now thanks to Jodi".

Jonni K

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